How to Market your Home Bakery

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How to Market your Home Bakery

March 20, 2018 Marketing 0

Learning how to market your home bakery… Picture this, I’m sitting there staring at my phone. Scrolling through Facebook. 500+ Facebook friends and I feel like I can’t talk to any of them. I’m so disconnected from the people I know because I want to build something. Cakes. Cookies. I want to make a business out of it. Make my own rules. I want people to pay me for what I’m naturally talented at. But what do I do? I almost kept flicking my thumb up and reading about what other people are doing. But I quit scrolling! It was time to get to advertising my home bakery. You can too! Your time is now. But how? How do I start a home bakery? How do I get my name out there? We can deep dive into this question and address the biggest issue most home bakers face. Read on to see how you can be entered to win 1 hour of coaching with me. You can ask me anything. How to market your business, best things to sell in a bakery, how to start selling baked goods from home, it’s YOUR choice!

1. Make contact with potential customers

How to market your home bakery- One-on-one human contact is the best thing for your home bakery

One-on-one human contact is the best thing for your home bakery

This means when a potential customer for your home bakery contacts your business and seems interested you need to catch them at that moment of interest!


Build rapport with your audience

If the potential customer comments on a post or sends you a message or email saying they want something from you, you can shoot them a quick reply and just say “Hey, thanks for reaching out! I’d love to celebrate your event with you.” then go into your normal order questions. That quick statement establishes a good rapport and shows the customer that you are celebrating WITH them! You are on their team and here to help them now and in the future.


Follow-up immediately after purchase

After the day of the event, shoot them a quick message saying “Thank you again for ordering with us! How did the event go?” Asking this open-ended question gets your customer talking. This really shows you care. You weren’t just in it for the cash. You really care about them. This also opens up the opportunity to ask for a review or testimonial. Social proof is a huge motivator for buyers in the home baking industry. You can post those reviews and testimonials on your website, Facebook page, or other social media. It helps others see your brand in the eyes of a buyer and makes the customer feel like a superstar.


Long-term follow-up after purchase

You can even take making contact a step further and keep a notebook or database of all of the orders you have had and contact them around this time next year. If it was a birthday or anniversary, you can shoot the customer a message or an email and say “ Hello! Hope you’ve been well. I have on my calendar your birthday/anniversary is coming up and just wanted to reach out and offer to help. What do you have planned for the event?” It’s always good to end correspondence with a customer with an open-ended question. That way it’s not just a quick yes or no and they can give you as much info as they want. You can use the exact dialogue above to speak to potential customers and see immediate results.

It’s much cheaper to get a customer to buy from you multiple times than to get a whole new customer.

Email Marketing for your home bakery

If you have a website for your home bakery, you can set up an email service provider such as, Mailchimp or Convertkit, and collect info digitally. This is an excellent way to manage customer contact info. With social media, like Facebook or Instagram, your page is not OWNED by you or your company. Either of the platforms can shut down your page whenever they want and for whatever reason. With Mailchimp/Convertkit, you can own and manage that info wherever you want without risk of losing control of your page.

How to market your home bakery- Email marketing tips and tactics for home bakers

Email marketing tactics

  • Offer a discount for contact info

A good tactic to use that gets lots of email subscribers is to offer a discount on their first order in exchange for their contact info. Lots of restaurants do this already. Customers understand how deals like this work and respond frequently to the offer if it is on the homepage of your website. You would need to set up an automation to automatically send a series of emails to subscribers about once per month. This just keeps your business and brand in the customers’ minds. With the busy world we live in, everyone is distracted these days and could use a reminder of your baked goods.

  • Make a birthday club

Another good tactic would be for your customers/potential customers to sign up for your email list to get added to your birthday club and you would send them a discount or special deal the week or month of their birthday. This can also be set up as an automation in the email service provider you choose.

Your potential customers will soon turn into your audience. And what does every audience want? Content.

2. Make content for your home bakery

You are likely already making the best content. Your cookies or cakes! You can post these on social media like Facebook or Instagram and let your audience see what you are working on. You can send those pictures in a monthly email newsletter. Making content is an important part of learning how to market your home bakery.

Schedule your content to save time

You can schedule these posts ahead of time by using Hoot Suite or Buffer so the posts come out twice a week or daily. It’s your business. You choose how often you would like to post content. But. Be. Consistent.

Sit down once a week and schedule these posts. Or sit down once a month and mega batch the content you plan on sharing on Facebook. That way you don’t waste time every day doing it.

However, you should set aside some time to respond to comments on your posts and messages sent to your business page every day or two. Social media is meant for you to be social with your audience. So, use social media as a tool.

Email marketing content for a home bakery

If you have an email service provider, you should send out a monthly newsletter. Or send out a small discount 5-15% off of a single product. Just something to remind customers you are there. You care about them and you have cool things happening in your home bakery.

3. Make yourself visible
It’s really hard being a home baker. You don’t have a storefront to show off. It’s hard for people to understand what you do because they can’t see it. So SHOW THEM!

How to market your home bakery- Show customers your home bakery through video.

Show customers your home bakery through video

Use Live video in your home bakery

You can hop on Facebook Live and show them around your kitchen. Tell them about a typical day of baking and what you do. Show them how you made that cake topper or that icing flower. This gets customers a sneak peek behind the scenes and they LOVE it. Facebook Live has really good organic reach right now. What does that mean? It means it pops up first on people’s timelines. They can see it at the top flashing next to other people’s stories.

Don’t know how to do Facebook Live videos? I can show you.

Use recorded and edited video 

Don’t want to do live video? Okay, record it, edit it, and upload it later. I would recommend keeping the videos under 2 minutes for the sake of upload times. It’s easier to move video files around if the file is smaller.

Does going on video give you anxiety? I can help.

Start a website as a virtual bakery storefront

You can also set up a website for your home bakery. This can serve as your virtual storefront since you don’t normally have one as a home baker. You don’t have to start a website at first, but I feel like it’s incredibly helpful if you have one. Once traffic starts rolling in, it will create a snowball effect and get ranked higher in Google listings.

Be mindful of Cottage Food Laws in your state

Please read your local cottage food laws when setting up the website because there are special rules for home bakers about internet sales. In Texas, you can have a website and market yourself online, but you cannot sell online. Also, be mindful about shipping your baked goods. If you ship your baked goods over state lines, it’s considered Interstate Commerce and has its own set of rules. If you are confused about if what you’re wanting to do MIGHT violate your local cottage food law, please consult a law professional.

Notice: None of these tactics cost money to do. You can do them all for FREE and start today. You can do all these yourself in your spare time. If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or join or Baking Lifestyle Community on Facebook here.

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