Getting Your Name Out There (Advertising for a Home Bakery on Facebook)

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Getting Your Name Out There (Advertising for a Home Bakery on Facebook)

April 6, 2018 Marketing 0

Getting your name out there, especially when advertising a home bakery, can be difficult to do in this busy world we live in. I’m Haley Boykin with Baking and I’m here to help home bakers get their business started and help them keep making money. Getting your name out there and marketing your home bakery can be simple when you have the right help. Check out this article about how to market your home bakery.


Imagine this, you post a picture of a new design for a baked good on your business page on Facebook. It took you hours to get this design right. Nobody likes it. Nobody comments. You feel your shoulders get a little heavier. It feels like all the people who encouraged you to start your home bakery are nowhere to be found.


Everybody scrolls through their news feed so fast that it’s easy to be overlooked when you are trying a new cake or cookie design. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t interested. It means you need to try something different. Facebook has an algorithm (a computer code) that determines what every user sees in their feed. This algorithm changes all the time. What used to work last week, might not work today. As a home baker, you have to be constantly changing what you’re doing so you can keep up with what’s working and what’s not.


Responding to messages

When a potential customer for your home bakery direct messages you or your business, it’s your job to respond. It’s best to respond as soon as possible. Facebook is keeping track and displaying to everyone your response rate.

Your Facebook response rate is like a giant report card on the front page of a newspaper telling the world exactly how much you care about your customers.

With things like Amazon’s one-click ordering, consumers expect an instant response these days. While that can be exhausting to keep up with, if you want to get your name out there, you have to be on top of this.


Catch them while they’re hot

When someone takes the time to message you, they are ready to buy. You are the expert. You have the talent and the product. It’s your job to help them right away. If you can catch them while they’re hot, they will buy with you. If it takes 8 hours to get a response from you, the customer has moved on. They won’t be as ready to finish the purchase and may have second thoughts.


Set up Facebook bots

If you are too busy with your baking and know you can’t respond quickly, you can set up Facebook bots to automatically respond to messages for you. You train the bots about the most frequently asked questions that you get, and you give the answers. The messenger bot will reply for you so you can address customers when you want, but still save face with the customers. If you would like more info about how to do this, leave a comment in the comment section and I can go more in-depth on this topic and do a walk through.


Engage your audience

The more you can engage your audience, the more you will get your name out there. Your customers want more than just your cakes and cookies. They want YOU! If you scroll through your posts and pictures and they all look the same, or they are all of your baked goods, it’s time to change it up.


Take some selfies

It’s really easy to hide behind your camera. Showing off your beautiful creations is great but people want to see you too. It’s good to throw in something personal about yourself like a selfie with a story about an adventure you had, or a picture of yourself with your kids or a pet. It gives your home bakery that homely feel. Buying from a home bakery is a unique one-on-one experience for a customer.¬†Show your face, give your feed some personality, and you’ll get your name out there quickly.


Tell stories

Something really effective I’ve done in the past is to tell stories. Sometimes I take selfies with my customers and ask if I can feature their story on my Facebook page. My most engaging post that helped get my name out there was a story about a mother from Austria who ordered a cookie cake for her son. I told the story about how and why she ordered it, the revelation I had, and what it meant to me to be a part of all of it. Telling stories gives outsiders a glimpse into your life and shows that you are human too.


Use live video

Live video is the perfect way to showcase your greatest strengths. If you make fantastic gum paste flowers, do a live video clip about it. Facebook is giving a lot of weight to live videos in their algorithm. If you do a live video, your followers will get a push notification and it will pop up first on their news feeds. In my home bakery, I did live videos to show off my decorating skills. I would have viewers give me their input about little design elements like which colors to put where.

People like doing business with other people. Show your personality.

My live videos got people engaged and interested in what I had going on in my home bakery. If live video makes you super nervous or you don’t know how to approach it, feel free to contact me here and I’ll walk you through how to do it.


Follow up to get your name out there

A potential customer contacts your home bakery asking about pricing. You give them a price. *Crickets*. Maybe there’s an issue with your pricing. Double check your strategy by following this guide to pricing. Maybe it’s not your pricing and they just got distracted. You should always follow up. Whether it turns into an order or not, following up with all potential customer never hurts you as a business. Follow-up messages should be short one-liners. Just a quick open-ended question to remind them of the interaction they had with your home bakery. Feel free to follow up more than once too. When you followed up the first time, they may have been busy.


Use these tactics to get your home bakery’s name out there. Facebook is the most widely used platform, so utilize it. You may need to change things up, but it’s still an effective platform to advertise small business. Make sure to join our Facebook community and post any questions you have.